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Ancient Hindu Putra Prapti Mantras

This article describes two Very Powerful Hindu Mantra for the Gain of Progeny. These Magical Mantras to become the proud parents of a baby girl or boy have ancient origins and one of them originates from Bhagwan Shiva himself. In the article below I have written about the method of reciting these Mantras.

Surya Mantras to Fulfil Wishes and Eject Enemies and Diseases

This article describes Surya Dev or Sun God Mantras to eject negativity, like sickness, diseases, enemies, and unfriendly people from your life and to fulfill your most cherished wishes and ambitions.

Dhan Yash Prapti Lakshmi Yantra

This article describes two very beneficial Money and Wealth Getting Yantras called Dhan Yash Prapti Yantras to please Goddess Lakshmi and obtain wealth, success, and everlasting happiness because just possessing money without enjoying it is useless.

Five Hindu Supernatural Upay to Prevent Accidents

This article describes Five Hindu Supernatural Upay or Remedies for protection from mishaps and accidents while traveling or driving a vehicle. These useful Protection Remedies can be used for short travel, long journeys, and during air, water, road, or rail travel.

Gayatri Mantras for Healing Diseases and Increasing Brain Power

This article describes the use of the Divine Gayatri Mantra, which is one of the most sacred and revered of the Hindu Maha Mantras for healing and curing a variety of diseases, disorders, and ailments, like obesity, voice defects, diabetics, heart diseases, blood pressure, asthma and to increase brain and memory power.