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11 Most Powerful and Beneficial Mantras of Shri Ganesha

This article describes the 11 Most Powerful and Beneficial Mantras of the Lord of All Beginnings Shri Ganesha. This article has also given the meaning, benefits, and procedure of unlocking the full power of these Ganpati Mantras.

Three Powerful Money Mantras to Solve Any Business Problem

This article describes three very beneficial and helpful Hindu Money Mantras to eliminate problems and obstacles that are stopping the inflow of money and customers, reducing sales and profits, and stopping the business from growing and prospering.

Vastu Shastra Upay for Abundance While Laying Foundation of House

This post describes a supernatural remedy or Vastu Shastra Upay of making any newly constructed place, including a house or shop attract positive and harmonious vibrations and make money, all kinds of wealth and prosperity, and happiness flow unhindered into that place and prevent negative vibrations, disease, and sadness from entering.

Seven Potent Upay to Attract Money in the Business

This article describes the seven most potent Upay or Indian Supernatural Remedies for Business Persons to make their businesses grow and prosper, attract money and customers, increase sales, and remove Vastu Dosha and negative vibrations from the shop, office, or business premises.

Indian Supernatural Healing Home Remedies

This article describes some very beneficial traditional Indian Supernatural Healing Home Remedies for curing or getting relief from some diseases, sicknesses, and disorders. These interesting Rog Nashak Totke or Upay are based upon a combination of Vanaspati Tantra or the Supernatural Science of Plants and Hindu Jyotish Shastra and the Study of Nakshatras or Constellations.

Mystic Hindu Occult Yantras for Good Luck

This article describes Mystic Hindu Occult Yantras to Get Benefits and Attract Good Luck and All kinds of Opportunities from unexpected places, people, and sources about which he had never thought about. These are very potent Hindu Yantras for achieving success and good luck tapping the atmosphere for these vibrations.