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Useful Hindu Healing Yantras

In this article, I have written about three very useful Hindu Healing Yantras to remove gas from the stomach and get relief from migraine and ear pain. As per Hindu Texts on Yantra Shastra, these are all traditional Indian Yantras, which are said to possess supernatural healing powers .

10 Remedies and Mantras to Please Shani Dev

In this article, I have written about 10 supernatural remedies and Mantras to please Shani Dev and get his blessings. Practicing these remedies will be most beneficial for everyone because Shani Dev can give you the ultimate success in life and even make someone a Rank Ka Raja or Rags to Riches.

10 Simple Upay for Domestic Happiness and Prosperity

In this article, I have written about 10 Indian Supernatural Remedies or Tone, Totke, or Upay for Domestic Peace, Happiness, and Harmony. These are simple and easy-to-practice home remedies and the husband or wife or both of them can practice any 2 or 3 of these remedies to bring joy and prosperity into their house.

Success in Mantra and Upay According to Tithi as Per Hindu Calendar

Hindu Mantras, Yantras, and Supernatural Remedies or Upay are divided into some broad categories, like Stambhan, Uchchatan, Maran, Vashikaran, Sammohan, and Akarshan collectively called Karmas. These Mantras, Yantras, and Upay can be more effective and powerful and Success or Karya Siddhi be gained fast if they are practiced on specific Tithis or dates as per the Hindu Panchang or Lunar Calendar.

10 Most Powerful Hindu Lakshmi Prapti Remedies

In this article, are given the 10 most effective time-tested Indian Lakshmi Prapti Upay or supernatural remedies to attract money, wealth, and every kind of prosperity. The Sadhak can practice one or more than one of these traditional Hindu remedies , which are also described in Vastu Shastra to get wealth, satisfaction, and happiness.

Seven Indian Upay to Remove Every Kind of Fear

In this article, I have written about seven supernatural Indian Remedies to remove every kind of fear and phobia. These Hindu supernatural remedies make use of some specific plants, which are said to possess magical and supernatural properties.

10 Beneficial Vastu Remedies for Peace, Happiness and Abundance in the Home

Vastu Shastra and Traditional Hindu Religious Preaching have prescribed certain very simple and easy-to-practice remedies, rituals, and Mantras for attracting peace, happiness, and abundance into your house. I have written about 10 Beneficial Vastu Remedies for Peace, Happiness, and Abundance in the Home. in this article.

7 Most Beneficial Jain Mantras for Everyone

The 7 Jain Mantras that have been described in this article are considered to be the most potent and beneficial Mantras for getting all kinds of benefits, like peace of mind, a gain of intelligence and knowledge, unexpected wealth, and every kind of joy and happiness.

Money Attraction Lakshmi Yantra

The Magic Yantra described in this article is a very beneficial Lakshmi Prapti Taweez or a Good Luck Charm to Attract money and wealth into your life and enjoy that wealth and be happy and satisfied.

Mantras to Remove Problems, Astrology Dosha and Increase Brain Power

Three Very Useful and Beneficial Mantras of Goddess Saraswati to remove the most difficult problems, the Gayatri Mantra of Lord Ganesha to increase mind and brain power, and a Jain Mantra to resolve all problems connected to astrology have been described in this article.

हर संकट से बचने का संकट मोचन हनुमान यंत्र

इस पोस्ट में, मैंने हनुमान जी के महाशक्तिशाली संकट नाशक यंत्र के बारे में लिखा है, जिसको अपने पुजा घर में रखने से खतारनाक से खतरनाक संकटों को नष्ट किया जा सकता है। इस अद्भुत हनुमान यंत्र में ४२ अंक/नंबर है और हर अंक चमत्कारी और शक्तिशाली है और इस यंत्र में प्रचंड दैवी शक्ती है।