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Jain Mantra to get what you Deserve

This article describes the use of a Jain Mantra to remove all stoppages and obstacles that are preventing progress and growth. It is the experience of many people that despite putting in their best efforts, success eludes them and they end up with nothing.

Indian Negativity Elimination Occult Spell

This article describes a unique Indian Yantra to remove all kinds of negativity, such as ghosts, spirits, demons, evil-gaze, curses, and harmful Demonic Voodoo Spells cast by a spell caster. The spell can even make the demonic being talk and tell the spell caster about the reasons behind the possession or what it is after.

Indian Occult Spell to Stop Defamation

This article described a Muslim Naqsh or Indian Occult Spell to Stop Defamation, Gossip, Slander, and Backbiting. Such nefarious and harmful activities are the handiwork of envious persons, like competitors and enemies who will try everything in their power to harm someone who they hate for a wide range of reasons, including good looks and money.

Indian Occult Talisman to Ward Off Demons and Vampires

This article describes two simple but powerful Indian Occult Talismans for the removal of the fear of demons, vampires, ghosts, and spirits. These are proven time-tested Yantras consisting of Nine Numbers that have the capability of banishing the dread of frightening beings from the mind of the user.

Indian Yantra for Banishing Malevolent Gaze

This article describes a Yantra for banishing evil eye or malevolent gaze from the body of any person troubled by this supernatural problem. The Yantra called a Buri Nazar Nashak Yantra or Evil Eye Destroying Spell works most efficiently in giving fast relief to sufferers of the malevolent gaze.

Indian Evil Eye Removal Spells Using Alum

This article describes some very useful Indian Evil Eye Removal Spells Using Alum or Fitkari, which are practiced as home remedies to remove the harmful effects of the evil eye, malevolent gaze, or Buri Nazar as they are called in Hindi. These are traditional time-tested remedies that have been practiced for centuries to eliminate the evil eye. 

Indian Future Knowing Occult Spell

This article describes an interesting occult spell  practiced by burning paper to answer your questions about the past, present, and future or any person, thing, or place. The spell also uses a medium to convey the answer to the questions asked by the spell caster.

Pair Ki Mitti Se Vashikaran in English

This article describes an Indian Love Spell called Vashikaran By Dhool or Mitti to infatuate and entice any man or woman to get that person's unconditional love and admiration. This Love Spell is also called Pair Ki Mitti Se  Vashikaran Karne Ka Yantra , which means that the Love Spell is cast using the Mud from under the feet of the sought-after man or woman lover.

Shabar Healing Mantra for Menstrual Cycle Problems

In this article, I have given useful information about a Shabar Healing Mantra for fast relief from pain and other suffering connected to the menstrual cycle in women.

Powerful Dhan Varsha Yantra for Money Attraction

This article describes the technique of preparing and using the most powerful Dhan Varsha Yantra, a most sought-after Hindu money and wealth-attracting charm. The Dhan Varsha Yantra will start attracting large sums of money, jewelry, expensive cars, and property if made and used as I have explained in this article.