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Ten Most Powerful and Beneficial Hanuman Mantras

This article contains the Ten Most Powerful and Strongest Mantras of the Hindu God of Strength and Infinite Energy Hanuman. Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Bhagwan Shiva and reciting his Mantras and worshiping him is very beneficial and effective in getting rid of the severest dangers and problems removing the most obstinate obstacles and enjoying peace and happiness.

Occult Indian Love Spell By Burning Paper

This article describes a simple but very effective Paper Burning Indian Vashikaran Spell that involves 9 numbers and the Name of the Person whom the Spell-Caster wants to captivate under an Occult Love Spell of Vashikaran .

Ram Mantras for Wealth, Brains and Attractive Personality

This article describes the Most Powerful Mantras of the Maryada Purushottam ; Shri Rama to get Wealth and Prosperity, get Knowledge and Intelligence, and become a popular and likable person possessing a Commanding Personality.

Yantra for Success in Fulfilling Wishes

This article describes a Success Yantra that possesses the supernatural powers to fulfill wishes or to make other people fulfill them for you. There are two different techniques described to prepare the Yantra, which have been given below in this article along with the energizing procedure. This Yantra is called Sarva Siddhi Yantra in Hindi.