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The Most Powerful Beej Mantras of Hindu Deities

Beej Mantras are unique syllables or sounds used in Mantra Meditation and Spiritual Practices. The meaning of "Beej" is seed, and hence Beej Mantras are the seed sounds from which divine, spiritual energies or vibrations originate. Beej Mantra adds specific energy to a Mantra and without the use of Beej Mantra most Hindu Mantras will become powerless and stop working.

In this article, I have described some of the most used Hindu Beej Mantras that form the essence or soul of the Mantras. and hence Beej Mantras are the seed sounds from which divine, spiritual energies or vibrations originate.

In this article, I have described some of the most used Hindu Beej Mantras that form the essence or soul of the Mantras.

Seed Sounds of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

ॐ (Aum/Om):
This is the basic and most important Beej Mantra, which is also the most widely used Beej Mantra that is added at the beginning of most Hindu Mantras. It represents the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness (Brahman) and has also been described as the Sound of the Vibration of the Universe.

गं (Gam): This is the Beej Mantra for Lord Ganesha. Chanting is recited to remove obstacles and bring success to anything. The Ganesha Beej Mantra brings luck and hence its power is used in many Mantras that are recited before beginning any new venture, during a marriage ceremony, or during housewarming rituals.

द्रां (Draam): Draam is the Beej Mantra of Dattatreya Bhagwan; the combined form of the Divine Trimurti; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and hence a very potent all-in-one seed sound that can make the impossible possible.

ह्रीं (Hreem): This Beej Mantra is recited to tune in with the divine energy of the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari Devi; the Ruler of the Three Worlds-Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. This Beej Mantra is often used to enhance the qualities of purity and harmony and get success in anything that is desired by the chanter.

क्लीं (Kleem):
This is Universally believed to be the Beej Mantra that is chanted to invoke the energy of desire, often associated with the Hindu God of Love Kamadeva and Shri Krishna. This Beej Mantra makes the chanted attractive, seductive and desirable and increases the chanter's vitality, stamina, and strength.

ह्रौं ( Hroum): This is the Beej Mantra of Madadeva or Shiva and it has the power to give everything to the chanter, including divine protection from disease, enemy, and every kind of danger and threat. Along with this, it gives every kind of material and spiritual happiness.

दं ( Dam): This is the Beej Mantra of Bhagwan Vishnu; the Preserver and Protector of the Universe. The benefits of chanting this Beej Mantra are the same as the Beej Mantra of Lord Shiva.

ऐं ( Aim / Ayeim ):
This is the Beej Mantra of the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Learning Saraswati Devi and is recited to invoke her for enhancing one's wisdom, knowledge, creativity, and learning abilities. The Beej Mantra also increases memory and grasping powers in an individual and hence it is often recommended to students and those engaged in learning and studies.

श्रीं (Shreem): This is the Beej Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, and chanting it is recited to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This Beej Mantra is a tried and tested Mantra Chant to quickly attract all kinds of wealth.

क्रीं (Kreem): This Beej Mantra is the Most Potent Beej Mantra of Goddess Kali and is used for her worship. It is recited to invoke her fierce and protective energy and get fast relief from enemy threats, to reverse or destroy black magic spells, extinguish the harmful energies of evil-eye and curses, and dangers from ghosts, spirits, and demons.

दुं ( Doom):
This Beej Mantra is the seed sound attributed to the Divine Mother; Durga Mata and it is a most powerful all-giving Mantra that gives everything to the true devotee.

भ्रं (Bhram):
This is the Beej Mantra of Lord Bhairava and it gives protection from evil and harmful energies, like Bhooot-Pret, Kala Jadu Tona, Buri Nazar, and also enemies and rivals.

धं (Dham): This is the most powerful wealth-attracting Beej Mantra of the Hindu Guardian or Custodian of Wealth and Hidden Treasures Bhagwan Kuber.

फ्रौं (Fraum): This is the Beej Mantra of the Hindu God of Devotion, Strength, and Energy Bhagwan Hanuman and it has the power of fulfilling all the wishes of sincere devotees.

क्ष्रौं (Kashraum): Bhagwan Narsimha, is the fearsome manifestation of Bhagwan Vishnu and the Mantra has the power to destroy the most powerful dangers and obstacles. This is a most potent negative energy destroying Beej Mantra. 

Apart from these Beej Mantras, which are described above there are numerous other Beej Mantras connected to other Hindu Gods and Goddesses that I will try to post in future articles. 


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