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Vastu Shastra Upay for Abundance While Laying Foundation of House

This post describes a supernatural remedy or Vastu Shastra Upay of making any newly constructed place, including a house or shop attract positive and harmonious vibrations and make money, all kinds of wealth and prosperity, and happiness flow unhindered into that place and prevent negative vibrations, disease, and sadness from entering.

Vastu ShastracUpay for Prosperity

The supernatural remedy or Upay given in this post is prescribed by some Tantriks and Practitioners of Vastu Shastra in India, at the time when the foundation of the place is being constructed. The remedy is normally called Vastu Ke Neev Ka Upay in Hindi and there are more than one variations of this remedy. This post describes a simple but effective version of this Vastu Shastra Upay, which does not involve complicated rituals and a large amount of money.

How to Practice this Vastu Shastra Remedy: The Upay is practiced at the time when the house foundation is being built. The practitioner can engage the services of a Practitioner of Vastu Shastra, Tantrik, or Priest for this purpose. He can practice this remedy himself if he is well-versed in such remedies by following the steps given below:

1] An auspicious day and time according to the Panchang should be selected as the Muhurt for performing this ritual. The Sadhak should Pray to Lord Ganesha and his Ishta Devta before starting the Upay and he can chant their Mool Mantras and take their blessings.

2] The Sadhak should take a Tambe Ka Lota / Copper Kalash along with Lid and keep the following items inside it:

A] Silver Sarp-Sarpini Ka Joda or a Pair of Male and Female Snakes.

B] A Small Chandi Ka Patra or Silver Stripe.

C] Five Supari or Betel Nuts, which are used in Hindu Rituals or Puja- Vidhi.

D] Seven Sticks / Roots of Turmeric or Haldi Ki Ganth.

E] Then, he has to fill the Copper Kalash with Water and close the lid tightly and bury it in the Western Side of the Main Entrance / Door of the House or Shop.

This Vastu Shastra Ritual will ensure that the Home of Business Place is well protected and attracts positive frequencies, all kinds of prosperity, happiness, and abundance.


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