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Indian Supernatural Healing Home Remedies

This article describes some very beneficial traditional Indian Supernatural Healing Home Remedies for curing or getting relief from some diseases, sicknesses, and disorders. These interesting Rog Nashak Totke or Upay are based upon a combination of Vanaspati Tantra or the Supernatural Science of Plants and Hindu Jyotish Shastra and the Study of Nakshatras or Constellations.

Hindu Healing Home Remedies

1] Piles or Bawaseer: Wearing an Iron Ring on the Middle Finger or Madhyama Ungli on the Right Hand gives relief from Piles.

2] Appendicitis or Pathri Rog: Wearing a Kidney Gem Stone or Malachite Stone Ring on the Middle Finger of the Right-Hand benefits people suffering from appendicitis.

3] Epilepsy or Mirgi Rog:
The spice Jaiphal or Nutmeg should be wrapped in a Silk Thread and worn around the neck as a Healing Talisman by people suffering from epilepsy to get relief from this disease.

Another Indian Home Remedy for relief from epilepsy is to stitch about 15 grams of the spice Hing or Asafoetida in a cloth and make a locket that should be worn around the neck as a Healing Charm.

4] Hiccups or Hichki: The Reetha Fruit or Indian soapberry Fruit should be tied with a thread around the neck to stop hiccups. This simple home remedy is said to be especially beneficial for children.

5] For Gain of Vigor and Vitality:
Tying a Fitkari or Alum with a thread around the waist is beneficial for people suffering from low vigor and vitality.

Tying a small portion of the Root of a White Mango Tree has the same effect in increasing vigor and vitality.

6] Gain of Progeny and Prevention of Abortions and Miscarriages:
A small portion of the Root of the Kale Arandi Ka Ped or Black Castor Plant should be procured during the specific period of the Shravana Nakshatra or the Constellation Alpha Aquilae. Then it should be worshiped and an incense stick and oil lamp should be lit in front of it. Then it should be stitched inside a piece of cloth and worn around the neck as a healing talisman by the woman desiring to gain progeny or prevent abortions and miscarriages.

Another remedy to prevent abortions is to procure a portion of the Root of the Sahadevi Plant or Verbesina encelioides Plant during the specific period of the Pushyarka Yoga, which is the astrological combination of the Pushya Nakshatra falling on a Sunday. This Root should be inserted inside a locket made from three different metals called Triloh Taweez and worn around the neck as a protective amulet.

Obtaining a portion of the Root of the Neem Tree or Azadirachta indica during the period of the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra or the Constellation Beta Leonis and keeping it on the body is helpful for women aspiring to gain progeny.

7] Remedy to Remove Bad Body Oder: A portion of the Root of the Mehandi / Heena Plant or Mignonette Tree during the period of the Punarvasu Nakshatra or the Constellation Beta Geminorum and keeping it on the body remove Bad Body Oder.

8] Irregular Fever or Vishama Jwara: Wearing a Tulsi Ke Patte or Holy Basil Leaves Mala around the neck for seven days is considered to be an effective remedy in getting rid of intermittent fever.

Another Remedy for removing intermittent fever is to tie a portion of the Root of the Safed Datura or White Thornapple or Jimsonweed Plant, which has been obtained on a Sunday. The same Healing Remedy also gives relief to people suffering from Sheet Jwar or Cold Fever or Malaria.


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