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Seven Potent Upay to Attract Money in the Business

This article describes the seven most potent Upay or Indian Supernatural Remedies for Business Persons to make their businesses grow and prosper, attract money and customers, increase sales, and remove Vastu Dosha and negative vibrations from the shop, office, or business premises.

Seven Potent Upay to Attract Money in the Business

Removing Vastu Dosha from Shop or Office: If your Business is not doing well and if you suspect that there is some kind of Vastu Dosha or harmful energy that is preventing the Business from growing and prospering, then you can attempt this simple and effective Upay to remove Vastu Dosha from your shop, office or business premises.

This Vastu Dosha Removal Upay can be practiced on any day in the morning after bathing and it should be done by the wife of the businessman. The wife should take Holy Ganga Jal in a Copper Vessel and sprinkle it in the shop or office, especially the corners and entrance of the business place.

The wife should also do Shankhnaad or Blow a Conch Shell inside the business premises because its vibrations are believed to be most effective in removing harmful energies from the place. Shanknaad is a very potent Vastu Dosha Removal Remedy.

Keeping a Coconut in the Premises to Attract Positivity:
Wrapping a coconut filled with water in a shinning red cloth and keeping it in the shop or office in a very Beneficial Totka for attracting positive vibration into the place and making the business grow and prosper.

Kapur and Roli Totka to Attract Money:
The businessperson should take Kapur and Red Roli Kumkum and burn it and collect the leftover ash and wrap it in white paper and keep it in the cash box, cash counter or place where money is kept. This simple Totka will attract money into the business and make it financially stable and healthy.

Gomti Chakra Upay to Attract Customers: Twelve Gomti Chakra or Cat's eye shells or Cow's eye shells should be wrapped in a white colored cloth and hung on the door frame of the main entrance of the shop, office, or business place. The Gomti Chakras bundle should be hung in such a manner that customers will enter the business premises below it.

Cow Milk and Honey Upay to Remove Business Losses: If the business is making losses and is in financial trouble, the business person should take raw Un boiled cow milk and add a few drops of honey to the Milk and mix it, and then sprinkle it inside the business place, especially the corners. This Upay should be done in the evening after bathing.

Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotram and Lakshmi Stotram:
Reading the Stotras of Shri Vishnu Bhagwan and Goddess Lakshmi at least once a year will make the business stable and prevent any financial problems from affecting the business.

Worship of Goddess Lakshmi to Increase Sales:
In the morning after opening the shop or office, the business person should light Dhoop / Agarbatti and a Diya in front of a photo or idol of Lakshmi to increase the flow of money and customers and make the trade or business prosperous with the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.


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