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10 Most Powerful Hindu Lakshmi Prapti Remedies

In this article, are given the 10 most effective time-tested Indian Lakshmi Prapti Upay or supernatural remedies to attract money, wealth, and every kind of prosperity. The Sadhak can practice one or more than one of these traditional Hindu remedies, which are also described in Vastu Shastra to get wealth, satisfaction, and happiness.

1] Offer milk to the Tulsi Plant every Thursday. This is a very auspicious Upay to appease the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi Devi and get money and happiness.

2] Take a copper coin and wrap it in a red-colored cloth ribbon and tie it on the outer side of the main door of the house. This easy-to-practice Totka will keep attracting Lakshmi into the house.

3] On any Shukla Paksha Monday take a fist full of Basmati Rice and do Smaram of Goddess Mahalakshmi and immerse the rice in the flowing water of a river, canal, or sea, this is a very powerful remedy to attract all kinds of prosperity with the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi Devi.
10 Hindu Remedies to get money and wealth

4] Light a Diya of Sarson Ka Tel or Mustard Oil near the roots of a Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree. This Upay can be done on any day except Sundays. On Sundays, knowingly or unknowingly never break/remove a leaf of the Peepal Tree.

5] Keep a Sphatik / Quartz Crystal Tortoise in the North Direction of the house in such a way that its head faces the inside of the house. This is a very powerful Vastu Shastra Remedy to attract positive energy into the house.

6] Place a small Sphatik Tortoise, some gold, and small silver coins inside the Tijori or safe. This is a very potent Vastu Shastra Remedy to attract money and wealth.

7] To improve your financial position and attract money and wealth or remove money problems, practice this Upay or supernatural remedy. The Supernatural Remedy should be started on the evening of a Saturday and the Sadhak should take two Urad / Medu Vada and put some sweet curds on top of them and keep them under a Peepal Tree. This supernatural remedy should be practiced for 21 consecutive days except on Sundays.

8] Place a small branch of the tamarind tree inside the Tijori or safe. This is a very simple but potent Upay to attract money and wealth into the house or business.

9] Go to the place where the Vulture has its nest and pick up seven feathers that have fallen on the ground. Keep these seven vulture feathers near the place where you keep your money and valuables. This simple paranormal remedy will attract money and wealth into your home.

10] Give food to the same needy person on five consecutive Fridays and feed a cow Gud/ Jaggery with your own hands-on five consecutive Sundays. This Upay will remove money and finance problems in a short time. Avoid shaving and cutting your hair on Fridays.


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