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Fast Working Raksha Mantras of Ram, Krishna, and Hanuman

This article describes the very powerful and fast-working Raksha Mantras of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, and Hanuman Bhagwan to eliminate all dangers, threats, disease, and fear of enemies, accidents, ghosts, and spirits.

Divine Protection Mantras of Powerful Gods

Mantras for Divine Protection of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna: The Four Mantras of Shri Rama and Shri Krishna given below are very simple but very efficient Mantras for getting the Divine Protection of The Supreme Being; symbolized by Shri Rama or Shri Krishna, the Seventh and Eighth Avatar of Shri Vishnu.

1] || श्री रामः शरणं मम: ||
|| Shri Ramah Sharanam Mamah ||

2] || ॐ श्री रामः शरणं मम: ॐ ||
|| Om Shri Ramah Sharanam Mamah Om ||

3] || श्री कृष्णः शरणं मम: ||
|| Shri Krishnah Sharanam Mamah ||

4] || ॐ श्री कृष्णः शरणं मम: ॐ ||
|| Om Shri Krishnah Sharanam Mamah Om ||

The Meaning of these Four Mantras is the same, and the Devotee seeks to surrender or become one with Shri Krishna or Shri Rama and dissolve all his worries, fears, and tensions by the divine grace of either Krishna or Rama.

The Devotee can chant any one of the Four Mantras given above Mantras for 5-10 minutes every day or whenever the need is felt and the Devotee thinks that he needs divine help to tide over the danger or problem. These are fast-working Raksha Mantras that will give complete protection to the Devotee who chants the Mantra with Shraddha and Bhakti.

The Hindi video of this Divine Protection Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Shri Ram Ya Shri Krishna Ke Sharan Me Jane Ka Mantra

Hanuman Gayatri Mantra to Instant Relief from Dangers and Obstacles:
The Hanuman Gayatri Mantra is very effective in quickly eliminating all problems and obstacles and adding the Samput of ॐ हुं ॐ - Om Hum Om before and after the Mantra increases the strength and power of the Mantra and makes it more potent. 

The Devotee can recite the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra for a minimum of 11 Mantra Repetitions every day. Those Devotees who have difficulty in reciting the Mantra due to any problem, including pronunciation problems can calmly listen to the video recording of the Mantra.

|| ॐ हुं ॐ ॐ आञ्जनेयाय विद्महे वायुपुत्राय धीमहि। तन्नो हनुमान प्रचोदयात् ॐ हुं ॐ ||
|| Om Hum Om Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe Vayuputraya Dhimahi | Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat Om Hum Om ||

The Hindi Video of this Shri Hanuman Gayatri Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Is Hanuman Mantra Ko Sirf Sunne Ke Sankat Se Mukti Milegi


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