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Indian Totke for Money and Vashikaran

This article describes Four Supernatural Remedies or Totke / Upay as they are called in India using the feathers and nails of crows to prepare Talismans and Good Luck Charms to become rich and affluent and to make a Magic Powder or Love Potion for attracting your spouse or lovers by casting an Occult Spell of Vashikaran on then.

The Totke are mentioned in the Kak Tantra or the Indian Supernatural Science of using the crow to cast all kinds of Voodoo Magic Spells for diverse motives, such as becoming affluent, eradicating enemies, and attracting men and women.

Indian Occult Remedies for Money and Vashikaran

Crow Feather Talisman to Become Affluent: Some crows have a golden feather near their tail, which is believed to possess powerful supernatural powers of attracting every kind of wealth and tremendous prosperity. If you are lucky enough to find such a crow feather then you have to keep it in a small metal or wooden box sprinkle some Red Sindoor or Vermilion on it and keep the box in the house.

This is believed to be a very effective Talisman to draw money, opulence, and riches into your house.

Crow Nail Talisman for Victory and Success:
Some crows have a red or rose-colored nail on their right foot. This nail possesses magical properties that can give you victory and success in anything.

If you come across such a nail, then keep it in a Locket made from Gold and wear it around your neck as a Lucky Charm. This Charm is especially effective in giving success and victory in court, legal, and government work.

Crow Feather Ash for Vashikaran or Fascination of Ladies:
If you are lucky enough to catch a crow, then take some feathers from its back without hurting it and let it fly away.

These crow feathers have to be brunt to make a powder that can be stored in a small box or bottle for using it as a Vashikaran Tikka or Tilak for applying it on your forehead to fascinate your wife or girlfriend.

Crow feather Ash to Attract Your Husband or Boyfriend:
This is a useful Vashikaran Upay for ladies to attract their spouses or lovers. If you are fortunate enough to catch a female crow, then you must remove some feathers from its tail let the crow go away, and then smoke the feathers with sandalwood incense.

These crow feathers must be burnt over coal to make a fine powder, which should be stored in a small box or bottle. A pinch of this powder must be applied by the lady on her forehead on Thursdays to enchant her husband or boyfriend.


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