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10 Rare Indian Tantric Healing Remedies

This article describes 10 Indian Tantrik Healing Remedies or Tantric Totke or Upay as they are called in Hindi. These Supernatural Healing Remedies have been used in the early and middle ages and are still being used by a section of people in India. The Tantric Healing Upay described in this post is used to cure or get relief from fever, epilepsy, cough-cold, pain, and blood pressure.
1] HealingUpay to Remove Fever:
This Indian supernatural remedy should be practiced on the evening of any Sunday. The Sadhak should fill water in a Pani Peene Mitti Ka Ghada or a Large Clay Pot that is used to store water.

Then, he should keep a gold ring or any other ornament made from gold in the clay pot for about two hours, and after that ask to person suffering from fever to bathe in that water. If the climate is cold, then, lukewarm water can be used to practice this Fever Removing Upay.

The gold ring or ornament should be removed from the clay pot after the patient has finished his bath.

10 Ancient Indian Supernatural Healing Remedies

2] Another Healing Remedy to Get Rid of Fever: On a Sunday Morning, the Sadhak should obtain small portions of the roots of the Nirgundi / Sindhuvara or vitex negundo plant in English and the Sahadevi or purple fleabane plant in English. These roots should be tied with a thread on the waist to get rid of any kind of fever.

3] Paranormal Upay to Get Relief from Malaria
: This Supernatural Remedy is practiced to get rid of Malaria and it can be practiced on Sundays and Tuesdays. The Sadhak should take the patient to a Tad Vriksha or Palm Tree and make the patient touch the Tad Tree with the body part where his liver is located and say to the Tad Vriksha that he will give it two fish if his fever comes down and the Malaria goes away.

When the patient is cured, he should go to the same Tad Vriksha and tie two fish with a thread to a stick and insert that stick near the trunk of the tree. This Totka should be done on a Sunday or a Tuesday.

4] Upay to Get Relief from Epilepsy: Wrapping a Jaiphal or Nutmeg in English with a silk thread and tying it around the neck or the upper arm as a healing talisman is said to give relief to people suffering from epilepsy. This supernatural healing remedy should be practiced on Saturdays.

5] Spider Web Remedy to Remove Fever: This is a very interesting supernatural healing remedy to remove fever. The Sadhak has to obtain the web of a spider put it in a metal locket and tie it around the neck of the person suffering from fever. The webs of more than one spider can be used for this remedy.

6] Upay to Remove Fever due to Cold: The aspirant should obtain a small portion of the root of the Safed Kaner or the White Oleander Tree and tie it on the upper arm of the person suffering from cold fever.

7] Mantra Remedy to Get Relief from Pain in the Back or Ribs: This Healing Mantra Remedy should be practiced in the evening, the patient should sit down facing the setting sun and touch his ribs or back with a small branch of the Neem Tree or Nimtree or Indian lilac in English and chant the Lord Bhairav Mantra - || ॐ भैरवाय नमः || Om Bhairavaya Namah ||.

This procedure should be repeated 21 times. This is a very popular and effective Back and Ribs Pain Removing Healing Remedy.

8] Supernatural Healing Remedy to Get Rid of Chronic Cough: This healing remedy should be practiced on Friday. The Sadhak should procure a small portion of the root of the Loban Tree or Frankincense / Boswellia Tree in English and tie it as a healing talisman around the neck to get rid of chronic cough.

9] Supernatural Healing Upay to Remove White Spots on the Skin: This Tantric Upay should be practiced in the morning and the Sadhak should apply his saliva on the body parts affected by white spots. This healing remedy should be practiced without rinsing the mouth and should be done immediately upon waking up in the morning.

10] Rudraksha Remedy to Control Blood Pressure: A Rudraksha Mala of Rudraksha Beads weaved in a black thread should be worn around the neck as a healing talisman to control blood pressure. This is a widely practiced home remedy for resolving blood pressure ailments. 

Please Note: Information about these supernatural healing remedies has been only given to share knowledge about Indian Tantric Practices and not for actual practice. If you wish to practice any of these remedies, kindly do so along with your medical treatment and medicines.


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